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A Lesson in Space Saving

P13_Lesson_in_space_saving (1)Our schools are full! A rising population means that by 2020 pupil numbers in the UK are expected to increase by 8.6%* in primaries and 12%* in secondaries. There’s hope however, with the Department of Education planning to invest £7 billion in new places up to 2021.

In the meantime, there’s pressure to make use of all available room to accommodate these increasing pupil numbers. While schools consider options such as automated teaching to cope with the shortfall of 1.6 million in teaching staff, space in every classroom is at a premium.

PHS Teacrate is on hand to help by providing suitable, sturdy storage crates that will free up valuable space in the classroom as pupil numbers rise. When the expected new schools are built and existing ones extended, our crates can also help with the transfer of records, books and other teaching aids.

Teacher’s jobs are difficult enough without having to squeeze them further. Contact PHS Teacrate now to find out how we can help make way for the increasing pupil population.


1Tes Charlotte Santry. 2016. ‘More than 24,000 extra classrooms needed’ as school population booms. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 March 2017].