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  • Boxes come flatpacked
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Boxes can be reused
  • Can be stored and reused

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Cardboard Boxes

We stock a range of reusable cardboard boxes for moving house or business. Available UK Wide.

phs Teacrate’s cardboard boxes ensure that all your personal possessions are kept secure and safe when you are moving house. Our double walled cardboard moving boxes are robust offering greater strength and security. These can be used to pack your belongings from kitchen appliances to DVD’S, keeping them protected with the sturdiness of the of the cardboard removal boxes. These moving boxes come flat packed, making it easy to assemble with packaging tape. These moving boxes can then be disassembled after use due to the quality and strength and quality of the boxes. The boxes can then be stored or reused for storage or another house move at a later date.

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