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Clockwork Removals & Storage

Over the last three decades, Clockwork Removals and Storage has built a solid reputation in the removals industry, successfully coordinating everything from local domestic and commercial moves to international relocations.


The business’ experience also extends to the transport of confidential records, out of hours relocation of critical IT equipment and secure storage services.


With depots located nationwide, Clockwork Removals and Storage has the local knowledge to ensure that each contract is carried out smoothly as well as the national capacity to offer the required logistics to make each case a success. As a member of the British Association of Removers, Clockwork Removals and Storage works hard to maintain quality standards and their ISO accreditation at their North West London depot.

The Challenge


Acknowledging that every move is unique, Clockwork Removals and Storage needed a responsive and flexible crate and packaging supplier who shares the same high principles when it comes to quality of service. Supply partners would be expected to cope with varying requirements to meet undulating demand and offer excellent value.


A new supplier would also have to fit in with the Clockwork Removal and Storage team’s contemporary approach which allows them to combine the art of moving with the needs of a modern lifestyle and innovative business practices. Suitable trade partners would need to support the business’ quality standards and environmental policies.

The Solution


phs Teacrate has been able to offer a flexible supply from its range of polypropylene crates and ancillary packaging, allowing a reliable service to Clockwork Removals and Storage’s customers, wherever and whenever the demand.


The removals firm has been able to take advantage of phs Teacrate’s online crate management service, Cratelink, which allows for easy ordering and/or amendments from office, on site or at home, 24-hours a day.


Crates have been barcoded to provide easy traceability and reporting, therefore reducing loss, providing added value to customers and supporting quality procedures.


Clockwork Removals and Storage can expect next-day delivery/collection from phs Teacrate at any one of its depots or client sites.


To effectively execute the 3-year, exclusive contract, which covers all eight of the Clockwork Removals and Storage branches from Hampshire to Inverness, phs Teacrate was happy to make adjustments to the online facility to allow the inclusion of additional products specifically requested by Clockwork Removals and Storage – a truly bespoke solution.

The Benefits


Having previously had no experience of barcoded crates, Clockwork Removals and Storage will now be able to keep better track of its assets and provide more accurate data for its clients.


This new reporting will result in reduced issues regarding loss and replacement, and contribute to improved response times from the removal firm.


phs Teacrate handles in the region of 9 million crates every year through its own storage and washing facilities. As such, stock is always available and delivered in a clean condition suitable for immediate use. Crates can be collected when no longer required.


This flexible supply means that Clockwork Removals and Storage will never have to unnecessarily store empty crates and valuable depot space can be put to better use.


The wide range of durable crates offered by phs Teacrate are specially designed to protect contents in most conditions, even when cardboard may fail, providing Clockwork Removals and Storage, and its clients, with peace of mind.


They can be washed and reused time and time again, reducing the strain on the environment and avoiding the increasing costs of cardboard. Secondary packaging materials are manufactured from recyclable materials or obtained from a sustainable source, in line with Clockwork Removals and Storage’s environmental policy.

The Reaction

“phs Teacrate has been able to provide a service that is superior to any of our previous suppliers. As a progressive company, we’re excited to be incorporating technology that will enable us to more efficiently meet our clients’ needs. phs Teacrate’s barcoding of crates is an effective way to improve response times, provides better crate management and to possibly open the door for other new business opportunities. As Clockwork Removals and Storage grows, we’re confident that we have found a reliable partner to help us cope with the flexible supply and demand of our industry.”

Damon Theobald, National Operations Manager at Clockwork Removals and Storage