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Chilled Food Market Needs Solid Supply Chain

Our busy lifestyles mean that we’re grateful for any help in the kitchen when it comes to mealtimes. As a result, the UK’s chilled food market is increasing year-on-year as consumers continue to enjoy everything from prepared fruits and vegetables to sandwiches and ready meals.

Like many other thriving markets, the chilled food industry experiences issues that keep it on its toes. Suppliers face the daily challenge of ensuring that products reach the retailer before the shelf life expires, therefore recognising the value of a reliable and flexible supply chain.

As summer approaches and the weather (hopefully) remains favourable, maintaining a solid supply chain becomes even more important in order to avoid food spoilage. The pressure becomes greater during this time of year when we’re keen to spend even more time out of the kitchen, preferring to picnic or BBQ outdoors using prepared meats, salads and snack foods.

As a fresh food supplier or manager of a cold storage, thawing or tempering facility, you’ll need reliable food packaging that’s fit for the job.

A supply partnership with PHS Teacrate means that your business will have year-round access to a flexible pool of RTP products, hygienically washed to food industry standards. Crates, trays and pallets will be where you need them, when you need them, in as little as 24 hours from request to delivery.

No more food spoilage from soggy cardboard boxes and no food packaging cluttering up your premises when you don’t need them. With the help of PHS Teacrate, you can confidently look forward to the sunshine along with the rest of us.