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  • Washed to the standards you require
  • Wash plant facilities conveniently located across the UK
  • Crate wash compliant to food industry standards
  • Fully catered for collection and delivery included

Crate Washing

State of the art crate wash facility for crate washing, pallet washing and other types of returnable packaging equipment

We have two crate washing sites located in the UK both of which are equipped with modern state-of-the-art facilities. They both house a number of industrial wash lines with the capabilities to clean all types of returnable packaging equipment, including bale-arm crates, plastic trays, tote boxes, pallet boxes and plastic pallets.

At phs Teacrate all returnable packaging equipment is washed removing all evidence of dirt, labelling, and soiling created when being transported through supply chains and manual handling, crates are then QA checked, swab tested and shrink wrapped ready for delivery and ready for use.

Crates are collected and cleaned to your specific requirements at one of our wash plants. This means you don’t have the wash plant maintenance costs and no hygiene due diligence concerns. We’ll take care of that for you, available on a full service contract, or as a stand-alone service to customers with their own food crates.

Health and safety is particularly important to consider when transporting goods as the potential repercussions of dirty crates or storage that contaminate the food products in transit, are a risk to any business.

Crate wash to your specific requirements

We understand that our customers have different requests for washing so phs Teacrate will wash them to your specific requirements. RTP hygiene is a major consideration in the food supply chain and you can rely on our services as its fully compliant with industry standards.

Returnable packaging equipment available for wash:

Please contact us for more information on our crate wash service or call us on 0800 090 23 24.

Did you know?
  • RTP pool management service means you will always have access to enough crates throughout the year

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