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  • Nationwide availability
  • Strong plastic construction
  • Stackable designs
  • Wash service to food hygiene standards available
  • Perfect for repeated use

Crates & Pallets

phs Teacrate is the largest provider of rentable crates and handling equipment in the UK. Manufactured from durable food grade plastic, our range of reusable crates, trays and pallets are suitable for a variety of food applications including fresh produce handling, food processing and food distribution.

Unlike wood or cardboard our durable plastic crates and pallets eliminate fibrous material from food preparation. They are easily washable to food hygiene standards for repeated hygienic use.

phs Teacrate provide product availability throughout the UK with Rental and purchase options available including crates and pallets with custom branding and colours.

We also offer a crate wash service, compliant to food industry standards, which is available on a full service contract, or as a stand-alone service to customers with their own food crates.

Crates are collected and cleaned to food industry standards at one of our wash plants. Therefore this means you don’t have the wash plant maintenance costs and no hygiene due diligence concerns. We’ll take care of that for you.

Did you know?

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