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Food Service Takes Off

Towards the end of 2016, the food service market in the UK was valued at an estimated £87.2bn.  That’s an average of more than £1,300 per head of population each year.  While some of us eat out more than others, we all have a few things in common – the desire for great tasting food, served promptly and at the right price.

The pressure to satisfy these demands in the food service industry is huge, especially when you consider all the other factors involved, such as staffing, food hygiene legislation, premises maintenance and market trends.  That’s why supply to the food service market is so critical.

Whether supplying raw ingredients, part prepared or ready-cooked items, all food service suppliers must ensure that the items arrive in excellent condition.  The reputation of both the supplier and the catering establishment relies on this.  With each UK household spending more than £45 per week on restaurants and hotels, food service providers cannot afford to lose a single customer due to poor food quality.

Using a reputable and reliable food crate supplier will ensure that you can transport your prepared food to hospitality, public sector or catering premises without worrying how it will arrive.  phs Teacrate’s Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) is delivered to your door, washed to your standards and ready for use.  A range of rigid, food grade, plastic crates, trays and pallets ensure that you’ll always find a suitable container for your goods so they can be transported without getting soggy or being squashed.

phs Teacrate provides a nationwide service so whether you are supplying food products locally or further afield, we can help provide suitable food crates to help keep your business and the food service market moving.

Get in touch with phs Teacrate now to discuss contract hire, one-off rental or purchase of RTP.