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Here’s to a Fruitful 2017


Whether it’s a pledge for a dry January, a gym membership or a brand new eating regime, a new year is often a time for promises. Copious amounts of fruit and vegetables feature prominently in these resolutions, increasing demand for good, healthy produce throughout the UK.


However, old habits are hard to kick and we’re sorry to say that most of us will have strayed from our new routines before the beginning of February. Don’t be responsible for giving 2017’s new fitness fanatics an excuse to fall by the way-side by supplying anything less than the most succulent, tasty-looking fruit and vegetables in hygienically clean crates.


Whether you’re cleansing your palate or looking for cleaner pallets, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands of a healthier lifestyle. While we can’t make everyone stick to wholesome practices, PHS Teacrate can help ensure that your produce arrives with them in excellent condition by supplying crates and pallets that fully comply to your specific requirements.


Contact PHS Teacrate now to find out how you can help the nation to keep their new year resolutions and create a happy, healthier business for 2017.