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Jumpstart January 2018 with phs Teacrate

When all the Christmas gifts are unwrapped and the turkey leftovers are finally eaten, some of us can feel at a bit of a loose end. Time to get organised for 2018 and make plans for all those jobs we’ve been putting off until the new year!

black crate skate with white wheels

It’s the perfect opportunity to make a resolution to tidy up your warehouse or workspace. Yes, we’re looking at all of you who oversee depots, storage units, distribution centres and manufacturing units! We know you were so busy on the runup to Christmas that things may have got a little chaotic, so now’s the time to put that right and make your operations even more streamlined.

Research shows that 80% of workplace clutter is not due to the size of your business and the space you have available but is simply a result of lack of organisation. It’s also been suggested that disorder in the work environment can lead to financial losses equal to 10% of the manager’s salary and the loss of around 4.3 working hours a week!

At home or at work, things always run more smoothly when we’re organised. In fact, the CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement Services) places organisation top of the list when providing its  tips for warehouse efficiency. Whether you’re organising your stock or your workstation, phs Teacrate can help.

Our skates and crates aren’t just for moving premises or transporting products. They’re also a great way to instantly create storage as a temporary or

teacrate bar coded removal box with a red lid

long-lasting solution. The hardwearing crates stack easily and safely, and can be added to whenever your business requires additional storage, or removed to make space for other functions. No fuss, no hassle. Simply give phs Teacrate a call and one of our fleet of vehicles will be on hand next day to deliver or collect, wherever you need us.

With phs Teacrate’s range of lidded and unlidded crates, we’re sure you’ll find a size to suit.

If you’re already organised for 2018, we wish you all the best for the new year. However, should you need a little helping hand, please get in touch with phs Teacrate. We have lots of storage solutions that could help you make this year the best one ever.