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Keeping in Line with the Law

With data security being a worry for businesses and consumers alike, it’s good news to hear that revised regulations regarding information systems will be shortly introduced.  The new policy extends and replaces the 1995 Data Protection Act (DPA) by promising to be simpler and stricter.

However, many people don’t realise that the legislation will apply equally to data in all formats: from paper forms and personnel files to online credit applications and medical records, increasing the need for all organisations to review the way they transfer data and records – physically or electronically.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will apply to all data – electronic and printed – and the UK Government has stated that, despite Brexit, it will implement the legislation and continue with it once we have left the EU. A wise move for any business seeking to continue trade with EU members.

The new rules (due to be set in place on 25th May 2018) stress the importance of procedures when storing and sharing data, and place emphasis on accountability for its security from information collection until its destruction.

Stiffer penalties of up to 4% of a business’ global annual turnover will be more rigorously imposed on those failing to adhere to the new GDPR. Yet worryingly, it’s thought that up to half of all affected organisations may still not be complying by the end of 2018.

Is your organisation ready?

When it’s necessary to move information, whether that be via the internet or by the physical transportation of hard copy, all processes must adhere to the new rules.

Make sure your data procedures are documented and traceable in line with the new GDPR by using a safe, secure and reputable crate management partner, such as PHS Teacrate, whenever your files are in transit.

Our barcoded crates enable the tracking of documents and other valuable items whether you are moving the contents of one filing cabinet or your entire business.  A free PHS Teacrate application downloaded to your desktop PC or smartphone ensures complete traceability from the moment your data leaves site until it is safely deposited at its destination.

Call PHS Teacrate now to discuss how we can help you to prepare your business for the new GDPR.