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A Moving Story from phs Teacrate

We all love a checklist and moving house is no different – ‘Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance’. But aside from the physical moving of furniture and belongings that’s required during domestic removals, it’s another ‘P’ that often presents the biggest logistical challenge – Packing! So you’ll more often than not provide your customers with boxes… cardboard ones… and lots of them. Why?

Even though they might get damaged in transit, some of us persevere with the use of cardboard because it’s good for the environment to use a recyclable product, and it’s the cheapest option, right? Wrong. In fact, despite the drive to reduce and recycle, cardboard supplies are at a critical level with packaging manufacturers running at full capacity. Which brings us to another ‘P’ – Price of cardboard and the fact that it is about to soar, sending the cost of packing boxes sky high.

Demand for cardboard is outstripping supply. It’s hard to imagine a cardboard market as volatile as that of oil, but as with all products derived from natural resources, recyclable or not, the pot is not a bottomless one. Whilst we endeavour to maintain the cheapest prices we can for our customers who use cardboard boxes, price increases are inevitable given the significant cost change.

The real green alternative to cardboard (and the choice that will also benefit your bottom line during this time of high demand) is plastic crates. They’re easy to stack; keep contents safe and dry in a rigid, reusable container, no matter what the environment; the risk of loss can be minimised by using lidded crates with traceable barcodes if needed; and by using a reliable supplier like phs Teacrate, containers can be delivered and collected from any specified location. Ready to use again and again, no fuss, no problem!

So, do yourself a favour – relocating is stressful enough for your customers without them (and you) having to worry about breakages during the move and disposing of cardboard boxes after the event. After all, plastic crates retain their structure and appearance through many uses even in wet weather conditions, just think if your customer’s favourite dish arrives broken, who gets the bill?

phs Teacrate can’t help with the cardboard crisis but we can help you get your domestic removals customers from A to B, safely and easily. Get in touch now to find out about our range of hardwearing, specialist removal crates and moving equipment.