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Organic Food Figures Hit a High

P1_Organic_Food_SupplyGreat news for the organic food industry which recently reported that sales have increased for the 5th year in a row! With 39% of shoppers making an organic food purchase on a weekly basis, one supermarket has seen a rise of 13% in organic meat sales during the last year alone, attributing the increase to long-term partnerships with producers.

These strong relationships have enabled supermarkets to improve the range, availability, quality and price of organic fish and meat alongside more popular organic fruit and veg.

Campaigns have also educated the consumer on the environmental and ethical benefits of organic food, not to mention the better taste, resulting in organic foods becoming a thriving part of our economy.

To take advantage in this boom in the market, producers must ensure that their organic meat reaches the stores without compromising any of its quality en route.

If you need support from a reliable, flexible crate supplier to help provide you with the tools to get your organic produce to market, get in touch with PHS Teacrate today. We’re proud to support organic producers and retailers throughout the UK with hygienically cleaned, food industry standard crates.