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Save On Spoilage with PHS Teacrate

Finding a compatible retail partner and cultivating or creating a great product is only part of being a successful supplier. Other factors come into play that aren’t always helpful to the supply process. Transporting your goods to market, for example, can prove a challenge in itself.

Choices are simple – cardboard cartons that, though often recyclable, can be easily crushed and are prone to water damage; or rigid Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) that can reduce wastage during transport, and be used time and again. With constant pressure to reduce the amount of spoilage, coupled with your desire to get all your products safely to market, you’ll want to choose the safest mode of carriage.

Reports on waste, such as that commissioned by The Foundation for Reusable Systems, for example, indicate that fruit and vegetables transported using RTP are 35 times less likely to experience damage in transit than that arriving for sale via cardboard cartons. In the UK, where approximately 3.75 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables were transported to market in 2016, this could mean the difference between a potential 157,500 tonnes (4.2%) of pre-consumer spoilage if solely transported using cardboard containers and 4,500 tonnes (0.12%) of waste before sale if transported using RTP alone. That’s 153,000 tonnes more of saleable produce in one market sector alone by switching from cardboard to plastic!

The benefits of using re-useable plastic crates, trays and pallets don’t only apply to fresh produce. All manner of foodstuffs and products can be more securely transferred to market using rigid containers. And with PHS Teacrate’s flexible pool of food distribution containers, as well as retail appropriate crates, cages and pallets, you can be assured that you’ll always have access to the right equipment to provide your products with safer passage compared to carboard alternatives.

The change from cardboard to plastic crates needn’t be hard work. Simply call or email PHS Teacrate today to make your change to RTP and start your war on waste straight away.