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Services for FM’S

Plastic crates are a cost efficient way to help FM’S move offices or premises. Plastic crates can be reused time and time again and don’t give you the disposal headache as you would have with cardboard boxes.

phs Teacrate have a wide range of crate types and styles suitable for the safe move of all sorts of equipment from IT equipment, documents and files.

Our crate hire service is designed to help you achieve a successful business move and even if you are using a professional removal company, we can work with you or them to provide the crates you need for your business move whatever its size or location.

They can be delivered direct to your specified location or to the removal company at an agreed time and next day delivery is standard on all stocked items through our network of service centres.

phs Teacrate also offer barcoded crates and tracking system. One of the biggest issues Facility Managers face when moving offices or premises is the loss of important documents and information. Even if every crate is marked individually and time is spent organising these for the big move, it is inevitable that a crate will end up at the wrong location of worse still never turn up at all.

We understand that having increased visibility is important when transporting important and valuable belongings for your move. There is no better way to track your crate than phs Teacrate’s barcoding tracking service.

This system tracks each individual crate, identifying the location helps to prevent loss, ensuring that your belongings arrive at the correct location. Barcoding scanning will enable Facility Managers to have effective tracking and traceability information at their fingertips on the delivery and collection of crates, providing a spreadsheet data files for every crate that has been barcoded.

The barcode system is a great service for Facility Managers as they can receive real – time information from a smartphone application, allowing them to work from any location on site accessing further traceability to complement internal procedures. This application can work on both Android and IOS smartphones.

  • Crates are a more cost efficient way to move
  • Delivery and collection nationwide
  • Barcoded crates and tracking system available
  • Receive real time information on crate locations