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Make Sure PHS Teacrate Is On Your Christmas Wish List

Christmas surprises aren’t always welcome with the retail market currently as unpredictable as any other sector. A huge number of factors, not least Brexit, online buying, and click and collect facilities have all affected the UK’s traditional shopping habits. While it’s usual for sales to increase over the Christmas period, no one can be certain of which way the market will go.

Inaccurate predictions in 2016 saw the retail market fall nearly 3% short of the forecasted year-on-year Christmas increase. Conversely, a quick look at recent retail figures show that the market continues to surprise, with sales increasing five times more than expected in August. Yet stores, on the high street and online, can’t afford to get caught out and must plan for all eventualities.

Retailers need to be prepared to react quickly to the highs and lows that are the result of both economic conditions and customer fads. Planning everything from a solid and reactive supply chain, to reliable logistics that will help get products in front of buyers, in the right place at the right time, is no easy task. Too little and retail opportunities are missed, too much and you could be looking at how to cope with excess stock or equipment in the new year.

phs Teacrate can help with a couple of aspects of this scheduling challenge. Our flexible pool of retail appropriate rental crates, pallets and cages ensure that you’ll always have the appropriate number of RTP containers at your disposal – no matter what the sales numbers look like.

Whether your business is solely online, only on the high street or a mixture of both, our fleet of vehicles can ensure next day delivery from any one of our seven different locations throughout the UK. And, when they’re no longer needed, we’ll collect the crates, cages and pallets, ready for the next time.

Get in touch with phs Teacrate today to discover how you can tick some items off your Christmas logistics wish list.