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Top tips for school moves

We’ve already talked about the fact that many teachers and caretakers face a school or classroom move over the summer break. If you’re involved in such a task, there’s no such thing as too much preparation.

Obviously, there’s a limit to how much you can do before the end of term but we know you’ll want to be as organised as you’ve been for the rest of the school year so, here are a few things to include on your checklist:

  • Boxes – no one ever says that they’ve got too many boxes! One recent secondary school move involved over 2,000 boxes and 400 heavy duty crates. And it’s not just quantity, it’s quality. Are your cardboard boxes robust enough to hold textbooks or rigid enough to protect technical equipment? phs Teacrate has a range of re-usable plastic crates that are sure to fit the bill.


  • Helping Hands – another thing that you can’t have too many of! Older pupils can be a great help, as can fellow teaching and office staff. You could even recruit a few helpful parents of pupils, or your own family members.


  • Seize the Day – Make good use of the chance for a clear out. Donate books that haven’t been used for a while and bin/recycle broken or outdated equipment. It’ll save on the transportation and/or storage costs.


  • Be Properly Equipped – Always keep Health and Safety in mind – your back is just not worth the risk! phs Teacrate can provide handling equipment, such as skates, sack barrows or stair climbers on a sale or rental basis.


  • Easy Access – if you’re storing for any length of time, make sure that your most used items can be easily accessed. You might need to use some of the equipment before you can move into your new classroom or school.


  • Labels, Labels and More Labels – make sure you know what’s in each box and have indicated its planned destination. Use something permanent that won’t run in the rain, fade in the sun or curl in the heat. To ease any concerns about lost crates, phs Teacrate can provide a barcoding system that allows the location of each crate to be tracked at various points along the removal journey.


  • Keep Calm! Your new classroom/school isn’t going anywhere and once you’re settled, this moving story will be nothing but a distant memory.

Get in touch with phs Teacrate today to discover how we can help with some of the practicalities to make school moving day less stressful.