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What’s in your warehouse?

When businesses hit seasonal quiet times, it’s tempting to sit back and wait for things to pick up as they do every year, writing off unused stock or wasted warehouse space. Often, the chance to catch breath is welcome – at best it’s an annual occurrence that allows you to remain responsive and flexible for unexpected demand; at worst it could be costing you dearly in unnecessary warehouse rental.

Do you know what’s in your warehouse? Will it make you more money than it costs to store or could that space be put to more profitable use? With a shortage of warehouses driving storage costs upwards, can you really afford to occupy valuable space with ‘just in case’ items?

Many businesses could be using storage space to house items which tie up capital and although occasionally crucial to their operations, they could instead be rented as and when needed at a fraction of the cost. Things like redundant packaging, crates and handling equipment. Acquiring these items on a temporary and ad hoc basis from a reactive supplier like phs Teacrate could allow better use of storage space to deal with the day-to-day running of your company. And if you don’t need the space, save yourself some cash by letting it out to those who do.

By taking control of your crate supply, phs Teacrate can help you to free up warehouse space that was once dedicated to crate storage, putting it to better, more profitable use or allowing you to sell it to release equity.

Whenever you need them, phs Teacrate’s experienced sales and customer support teams will spring into action to ensure next day delivery on a range of crates, packaging and food distribution crates. They’ll be delivered to any specified location in the UK and collected by our fleet of vehicles so that the only ones worrying about crate storage is phs Teacrate, because that is our business.

Leave crate storage to the experts – get in touch with phs Teacrate and start making better use of your space today!