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It’s a Wrap! Christmas with phs Teacrate

Where has 2018 gone? Christmas is nearly here again! A chance to spend time with family and friends, and overindulge a little. It’s also one of the busiest times of the year for fresh produce suppliers. How do we know? Feast your eyes on these facts:

As a nation, we’ll be eating Christmas dinner next to around Eight Million real Christmas trees in homes across the UK this festive season.

Love them or hate them, 25 Million Christmas puddings are eaten in the UK over the Christmas period each year, along with 300 million mince pies and the accompanying brandy sauce, brandy cream, custard or ice cream.

In fact, tradition says that in order to bring good luck, you should eat one mince pie on each of the twelve days of Christmas. During this time, you’d have to buy 364 gifts to cover all of your True Love’s presents in ‘The 12 days of Christmas’ song. That’s a lot of wrapping paper!

Speaking of which, in the UK, 83 km2 of Christmas wrapping paper is sold each year.

Whether you consume it before or after the Queen’s speech, the average Christmas dinner contains a whopping 957 calories. We reckon it’s the pigs in blankets that’s everyone’s favourite Christmas food! Or it could be some of the 120,000 tonnes of potatoes that will be eaten over the Christmas period.

And don’t forget the turkey! Yes, it’s estimated that 10 million of these tasty birds will be stuffed, roasted and enjoyed this Christmas along with all of the trimmings.

phs teacrate crate wash process washing grey nestable arm crates



It’s obvious that the demand for seasonal goods is there, so make sure that you can get your produce to market on time and in great condition with reliable food crate supply from phs Teacrate. Our range of food distribution rental crates, trays and pallets provide a sturdy and hygienic means of transport on a regular or ad-hoc basis – perfect for this busiest time of year.

Call phs Teacrate today to discuss how we can help to make your Christmas run smoother but most of all, enjoy the festivities!